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Our compounding pharmacy combines multiple medications into a single convenient dosage for patients whose needs are not easily met by commercial products. Not all medications can fit every need. Compounding allows medications to be provided in the specific dosages and delivery methods customized for the patient, not the drug company.
Custom Services
At KRS-GBT we offer the following services:
• We specialize in making specific drugs for patients whose dosage typical pharmacies can't offer
• We combine specific dosages with multiple alternative delivery methods
• All products are tested with state-of-the-art Hitachi HPLC Liquid Chromatography Systems
• We ship anywhere in the world through UPS/FedEx
Our Pharmacy
Our specialty pharmacy services include a wide range of medications as well as Vitamins and Dietary Supplements. All of our custom medications can be delivered in any strength and mixture with numerous forms of delivery to comply with your prescription. Don't hesitate to contact us on our monthly discounts and specials.
Our Knowledgeable Staff
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